Issue No.1
August 8, 2003 Rev. August 19

Official Publication of
Curt Newbury Studios

Major changes in Cindy's life

Cindy's parents have recently separated.. Cindy has gone on with her father Gary to stay temporarily with him in his home town of Buffalo, Texas  Gary will be staying there until he finds more permanent quarters. Tracy, Cindy's mom, has moved to Corsicana, Texas where she will be staying with her sister, Edwina, and her family. It appears that Tracy will be in Corsicana for some time.
Her brother Zach,14, will remain with his biological father in Fairfield, Texas where he enjoys hunting and off-the road four wheeling. Zach is also a member of the football team (wide receiver) and a point guard on the basketball team.
Cindy will to return to her modeling, chats and commercial projects in a few weeks. She needs time to settle into a new school and  living arrangements wherever she ingg arrangements



wherever she winds up living.
This fall there are plans to release her new line of clothing, SoooCindy, a collection concert wear garments for  young teenagers. More about that can be seen in the July issue of her web site and in the       preview       section      of   an


If all goes to plan, Cindy has a principle role in the upcoming movie in pre-production to be called an_angel_4ualwayz, which will be shot in Dallas. Casting for the movie will be under way shortly as well as assembling the crew. - crn

  Stormi is coming on strong    

increased phenomenally over the past few weeks. Prevailing wisdom in the teen modeling scene (is that an oxymoron?) has it that Stormi's highly entertaining chats have put her closer to her fans.
Stormi's chats are a joy to watch with all her antics which range from making faces to hip hop dancing to exercising on the bench press apparatus. Stormi has gotten major attention from her weight training set published in the August issue of her site,
Stormi began her Internet modeling


 modeling career in March of this year. She wants to be a vetinarian. She has had four pet snakes and all of them have gone the way of the white buffalo. She is most active in cheerleading. Her cheerleading squad will be entering numerous contests this fall. Tony, her step dad, has recently purchased a very fine Nikon 3100 which does a fantastic job. He his doing a lot of pix of Stormi and we will be showing them here before long. Uh, anytime, Tony. - crn


Stormi fans all over the globe should be pleased to know that     her     site   sales    have


Cody, where are you?*


I had a model
Cody was her name
Since she left me
I never been the same
Cause I love my Cody
Cody, oh, where can you be?
Where can you be?





We all eagerly await the return of Cody to the teen modeling scene. She was all set to shoot last Thursday and Friday when the father of her half-sister, Andrea, died of a sudden heart attack. We all send our deepest sympathy to Andrea, her mother and all  family members. - crn


Curt Newbury



ramblings and scatter shots...

Whatever happened to BrandyModel? Anybody know?
I have a small gripe. I keep hearing this term non-nude or NN which I guess is supposed to mean that the pictures do not show any nudity. Yet, quite often, on these same sites that call themselves NN or non-nude, a very high level of child sexual exploitation is occurring.
Let's take the thong, for example. The purpose of the thong is to reveal the back side. The community standard all over the United States is that girls below 18 are too young to have a proper choice on whether or not they should be showing themselves in such a way.
I do think some of the American girls who show themselves in thongs may regret someday having those pictures made. I am comfortable with the fact that we establish the age of 18 as the minimum age to make many life altering decisions. I know 12 year olds mature enough mentally to make certain decisions and some in the 30's that are entirely incapable of making a responsible decision. So the age of 18 is a good compromise.
To many the choice of wearing a thong is  trivial.  Maybe. Try taking
a picture of any female and retouch it to show her looking like she's wearxx


wearing  a thong and show it to her, her family and friends. You think you won't have problems? Still trivial?
These matters vary wildly all over the globe. In Germany and in Brazil, these points are not issues in anyone's life. In America, these are issues that involve centuries of mores and attitudes about the body. Folks, I am not about to try to change any of this. I just want to recognize the reality of the situation.
Are we as a people better off because of the changes that Playboy magazine brought about world-wide? Are we able to survive better?
Working mostly with young people I have a more direct sense of what contributes to the self-esteem and perceived survival potential of a young person. When the self-esteem or the perceived survival potential is low, that is when the problems begin.
A person with a truly high regard for one's self, tends to have a direction in life. Those who think very little of themselves tend to become aimless wards and prisoners of society.
Show me a girl who is winning at her game and I will show you a girl who will very unlikely get pregnant and will continue her education. In this country wearing a thong at any age is considered a sign of  low self-esteem.
Let's foster winners. Let us create conditions where winning is the most likely thing to happen. - crn


What has four paws, barks
and wags its tail?*

*Highlight this line for answer:
a dog
If you got it right, you probably heard it before

Do you have any questions
or comments about any of the models or about what I call
the Teen Modeling Scene? If so
please inquire

CindyChat: There will be a chat on 7:00 pm Central Sunday Night
August the 24th...
Interviews with surprise
guests, bubble gum blowing contests, International.

StormiChat: There will be a chat on 6:00 pm Central Sunday Night
August the 24th...

Stormi, when she runs out of
hot water, goes to another bathroom to see if there is any hot water in
that bathroom.

Cindy, when you  tell her that
something needs to be done,
says "Ohay."

We are looking for any
Teen Net Models
who were influenced
by seeing Cindy on Oprah
or  48 Hours to become
 Net Models for a
possible TV show.



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If you haven't seen this television show, I think it is the best thing to come on in years. Check it.
Sometimes you wonder
an_angel_4ualwayz casting

13Aug2003 Cindy's parents are making every effort to get back together. Cindy and her mom, Tracy, have moved in with friends while Cindy's dad Gary is living with his brother. Tracy and Gary are "dating," an opportunity they never have had until now. Inside every cloud, there's a silver lining.
23Aug2003* Cody's mome just sent us some new pix of our darling girl from Tennessee. We have some minor camera glitches but for the most part we are making real progress!


Irene, Goodnight

Last Saturday night I got married
    Me and my wife settled down
Now me and my wife have parted
    Guess I'll take another stroll
            'round town

Irene, goodnight
    Goodnight, Irene,  goodnight.
Goodnight Irene, Goodnight Irene
    I'll see you in my dreams
Sometimes I live in the country
    Sometimes I live in town
Sometimes I take a great notion
    That I'll jump in the river and drown.

Irene, goodnight
    Goodnight, Irene,  goodnight.
Goodnight Irene, Goodnight Irene
    I'll see you in my dreams
Stop your ramblin', stop your gamblin'...
    Stop stayin's out late at night
Go home to your wife and family
    Everything gonna be all right.

Irene, goodnight
    Goodnight, Irene,  goodnight.
Goodnight Irene, Goodnight Irene
    I'll see you in my dreams

This song was sung in prison by Huddie Ledbetter, aka Lead Belly to Texas governor Neff in
1925. Governor Neff was so taken by Leady Belly and his music that he gave him a full pardon